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The recommended course of action of feminist, cross-cultural girls’ work of the Girls’ Centre Amazone was prepared in two consultant meetings and can be downloaded here.

Study “Girls’ world in cross-cultural dialogue”
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In line with the project bunt & quer², a scientific study was conducted in cooperation with the institute for youth culture research on the subject of “Girls’ worlds in cross-cultural dialogue”. The accompanying research for the project included conducting three group discussions with 14 - 18 year old girls with and without migration background.

Fundamental objectives of the study are:

  • Conclusions on attitudes and expectations of girls regarding cross-cultural girls’ work
  • Dialogue between girls with and without migration background
  • Development of ideas for future activities for girls with and without migration background in the Girls’ Centre Amazone

In line with the project Bunt & Quer, the following products for girls’ living environments and for cross-cultural topics developed.

Girls’ living environments
Five video clips were filmed in Bunt & Quer² on the subject of: “Girls in their living environment”. In these clips, the participating Girls4Girls girls created their living environment in a medial and public manner. In addition to the examination of different living environments, the girls gained insight into the world of video making, cutting and editing.

Girls’ living environments 1-5



Culturally colourful digital stories
In 2010, two Girls4Girls girls created digital stories according to the motto “Girls Story” about their living environments. Digital storytelling provides an opportunity of telling a story. This method is ideally suitable for reflecting on experiences. The girls produced their stories in 5 afternoons in a creative and medial manner.

Digital Stories 1-2


Konnichiwa - culturally colourful Japanese worlds
In Bunt & Quer³, a clip on the subject of culturally colourful life in Japan arose. The medium film in connection with experience-oriented methods enabled the girls to examine their own talents and gave insight into Japanese culture resp. the challenges and opportunities of cross-cultural girls’ problems/questions.

Konnichiwa - culturally colourful Japanese worlds


Das Projekt Bunt & Quer6 wird durch den Europäischen Integrationsfonds kofinanziert.

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Project duration:
January 1, 2014 until
December 31, 2014